SEO & Content Marketing Consultant

Hi! I'm Gaby Moreno. I create custom SEO roadmap strategies for clients with a specific target audience and a need to increase organic traffic, improve rankings and drive business growth.

What I Do

Provide Actionable SEO Strategies

What Is a SEO Roadmap Strategy?

A written plan that lists both, the target keywords for a business with a well-defined target audience; and the rational behind choosing those specific keywords. This help clients know what and how to create content so that growing traffic traffic and improve rankings is easier.


Who I Am

Gaby Moreno, SEO & Content

I am a SEO, Content Marketing and Editorial Specialist with more than 10 years of experience working for a variety of companies.  My background includes leading organic growth through content for Shopify LATAM; managing content strategy for global CPG brands like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Don Julio; and developing content and social media strategies for responsible travel organizations like Human Connections. [Learn More].

Professional Background & Client Experience

My Work

How Do I Work

We'll Go Through These Steps


Having A Quick Discussion

Discovery call to ensure I am the right person to solve your SEO challenges.


Understanding Your Business

During the course of 2 weeks, I will get 3 to 5 hours of your time to get a true grasp of your story, target audience and offer.


Designing Your SEO Roadmap Strategy

I will move on to create your own SEO and Content Roadmap which will include: 1) List of selected keywords with data from Ahrefs; 2) List of content suggestions; 3)  Content Audit; and 4) When applicable, an existing content optimization list of recommendations.


Choosing Your Next Steps

Once equipped with customized recommendations and a vision of success, I can continue supporting your execution journey, or create a plan to upskill your own team.

Let's Connect

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