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SEO, Content Marketing and Editorial Specialist

My biggest passion is helping businesses grow by strategically planning, managing and creating content that empowers people with knowledge. This is why, throughout my career, I’ve looked for a creative way to do what I love, while bringing demonstrated value to clients and companies. Read my story below.

Working with clients in the US, Canada and LATAM.

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Before finishing college in my hometown of México City in 2008 , I knew exactly the type of work that I wanted to do: culture and entertainment journalism. And I did it. For seven years, I worked for three internationally recognized magazine publishing groups: Condé Nast, Grupo Expansión [Formerly Time Inc], and Televisa. “In this industry, audiences are your real boss”. I heard this phrase all the time, which to this day continues to be my mantra.

By 2016, as the traditional media had been fully transformed with the arrival of social media, I realized the growing responsibility for brands to shape culture, as they too emerged as content generators and voices of social influence. I noticed my skills as an audience empathizer were valuable for brands and businesses. I saw an opportunity for growth and decided to evolve my career into Content Marketing.

Making the leap was not easy, but things that are worth it never are. I learned the hard way that in marketing, good storytelling and content are not enough. As a marketer, you need to demonstrate that your work has a positive financial impact on the business. It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how often this fact is overlooked by many marketers.

It was at this time that my personal circumstances allowed me to live and work in Canada and the United States, first in Toronto for four years and then, since 2022, based out of Reno, Nevada.

Since 2019, I worked alongside a variety of companies including Shopify, leading SEO and organic growth for the International Content & Localization Team, and Diageo, building a digital transformation program for the global marketing community. My work includes consulting for a variety of clients from marketing agencies to responsible travel organizations like Human Connections. 

I am keenly aware of the many moving pieces involved in online publishing. My goal is to cut through the clutter of doing Content Marketing and help clients, by creating custom SEO roadmap strategies that can help them increase organic traffic, improve search engine rankings and drive business growth, all while keeping the focus on serving audiences. They ARE the real boss.

Thank you for reading!

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