The European languages are members of the same family

“Our brand is picking up but we haven’t been able to crack our content strategy”. For purpose-driven brands, this is one of the most common and painful pain-points. How is this possible?

Before I say what I am about to say please know that, if you are leading a purpose brand [or work for one], you are already a rockstar to me. And I am not just saying that. Doing what you do requires courage. Not only for sticking to your beliefs but also for taking on the criticism of being an “optimist” in times like we are living, and keeping going. My respects, really.

With that said, you might be screwing up your marketing a bit. By trusting your purpose too much, you could be forgetting that marketing, too, is an act of balance. It is easy to get carried away with thinking because we do good, our content will engage people. Thus, people will organically share it only because we’ve posted it. I’ve been there and many times this is not the case.

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day; Facebook has 8 million advertisers. That is a lot of content competing for a lot of attention.

Even when there is a captive audience waiting to feel inspired and join your mission, you will need to find them.
#1 Balance content quality and content quantity
No-one can tell you really how much content is too much content for your brand. This will always depend on your business model, your budget, your creation capacity and the message that you want to convey to your audience. Do as much content as you can while keeping high quality standards, and ensuring your message is reaching the right people.
It doesn’t matter if you post a pretty picture on Instagram everyday if you don’t know if this is actually helping your business. Now, this obviously doesn’t apply to creative souls that finds their passion in creating content. If this is you, go for it. But when we talk about business growth you should probably think more strategically.
Whatever amount of time you are dedicating to content, make sure you spend half of it on creation efforts and the other half on customer reach.
This AMAZING article from Hubspot about Content Marketing Effectiveness is a great way to start a content audit.
#2 As a purpose driven brand, let content partnerships and User Generated Content do their magic
Purpose led brands have something that many massive brands long for: relevancy. And relevancy is fuel for conversation. We already know that social media noise sucks but why not do something that helps balance the scale? If you have a purpose driven brand you are the good news.
Don’t be afraid of reaching out to media outlets, bloggers or influencers whose audience is a match. Offer your content to publish or better yet customize it for them. Media are always willing to run interesting stories and this is a win-win exchange.
And what about running and advocacy plan? By now you probably know that your clients are willing to support your mission. Actively ask them to join you by sharing their experiences about your product or services. Remind them to mention your social media accounts and tag or link to your digital channels.
Check this 8 examples of brands that nailed user generated content. See the pattern? They appeal to something bigger than the brands. As a purpose led brand, you already know this is key. Jump on the opportunity of using this proven technique on your favor.
#3 Advertising is becoming a dirty word. It doesn’t have to be
If you haven’t watched the Social Dilemma you should. In 90 minutes they explained something that at a much smaller scale I experienced during the years I worked for magazines. The advertising industry sucks when the only thing that matters are profits, which is most of the time.
There is no simple solution to the whole #StopHateForProfit issue. “Major advertisers on Facebook reduced their spending by millions of dollars in July, but not enough to significantly damage the platform’s revenue”, wrote Tiffany Hsu and Eleanor Lutz for The New York Times.
So while we wait until Mark Zuckerberg and friends figure out a way to make things less bad, what can we, as purpose led brand owners do? I’d say its using the power of social media to vow for kindness, and again, try to balance the scale .
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